Cultured Shower Wall Panels

Whether you are remodeling an existing shower or starting fresh with a new bathroom, many factors go into choosing the right cultured shower wall panel. Stone type, color, sizing, and accessories are all aspects to take into consideration before buying. At Marble Works, we have an array of Cultured Marble and Cultured Granite wall panel colors to fit any style.  

Once you determine the size and type of shower wall panel you want, it is time to choose the accessories to complete the look. Our accessories include single soap holders, double or corner soap/shampoo holders, and shower footrests. After selecting the accessories for your shower, you can determine what trim you would like that fits your style.

Benefits of choosing cultured wall panels: 

One of the main benefits of using cultured wall panels over tiles or other options is the prevention of mold and mildew. Cultured shower wall panels are naturally large and seamless, eliminating the need for grout. Tile shower walls are more susceptible to mold problems because water or moisture can seep through the grout over time. We install our cultured shower wall panels using a mold and mildew resident silicone that seals the edges and corners to ensure no water will penetrate behind the wall panels. In addition to mold prevention, cultured wall panels are also low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Cleaning wall panels takes half the time compared to cleaning tile wall showers due to the grout. 

For all your cultured shower wall panel needs, contact us today or stop by our showroom to view samples.

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Cultured Shower Wall Panels